Legal programs

Adaptation of the commercial lawsuit and its relationship with defining the jurisdiction of the commercial judiciary, defense and defenses related to conditioning jurisdiction
Legal trends and recent practices in information security
Anti-corruption mechanisms in governmental and administrative agencies and the private sector, their effects on functional and administrative performance
International standards in preparing, drafting and submitting legal notes and administrative decisions
Conditioning the criminal case and its relationship to the determination of jurisdiction, defense and defenses of conditioning and jurisdiction
Drafting legal systems and regulations and administrative decisions
International commercial contracts, franchises, FIDIC, BOT, tourism investment contracts
Appeal administrative and governmental decisions, and disputes of jurisdiction between the administrative and civil judiciary
Technical skills and controls in electronic forensic investigation
Litigation procedures before the criminal judiciary in its regular and appeal stages
Employment contracts (procedural problems and legal solutions)
Controls of causation and formulation of judgments and judicial decisions, and the challenge of failure of causation
Electronic signature and electronic transactions and their effects in establishing rights and obligations
Qualifying graduates to work in the legal and judicial field in its various branches
The role of the administrative judge and the lawyer in adapting the administrative contract in the light of globalization
Customs disputes and customs release at airports and ports
Preparers of decisions and secretaries and how they practice their work
The organizational structure of the legal affairs departments in modern organizations
Forced execution obstacles and related practical problems
Liquidation of commercial companies and the role of the liquidator in the liquidation period
Commercial bankruptcy, its conditions, bankruptcy management and its stages
Government tenders and auctions and their judicial disputes
The crime of money laundering in light of the law of the United Arab Emirates and the agreements organized to combat crime
The scientific foundations of commercial and international arbitration and the stages of the arbitration process
Recent trends in administrative investigations and controlling administrative corruption
Administrative and supervisory leadership development and institutional development strategies
Follow-up work, technical offices, and management of the courts of first instance and appeals
Preparing legal forms for real estate investments
The impact of cultural globalization on contracts entered into by the state
Crimes of public money in terms of content and adaptation
Strategic elimination of the cancellation case
Legal systems for personnel affairs