Chairman’s Word

“One is a scholar as long as he keeps seeking knowledge, the moment he thinks that he has learned it all, he is ignorant”.

Science is the beacon of people and its evolutionary scale. Practical applications are the science mechanism and its practical rhythm. When I established the International Center for Training & Studies in 2003, my vision was to spread knowledge in my country and to shift to knowledge in its real environment. From this point, we launched to the broader and larger prospects. We evolved from being a receiver of information to being a creative promoter. We started from scratch with the help of God and contributed to the private sector. We launched in the global market through the training field to leave our mark in the global market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading, distinguished and accredited training centers in the Arab World. The center contributes and relied upon as if it is strategic partner in development of human capital. We aim to be classified in the level of developed countries and to be the leaders in training field with the hope to reach recognized international place.

Our Mission

To disseminate science, knowledge, develop trainees’ skills and provide them with new expertise that help them in facing the new challenges, changing work difficulties and obstacles; to provide modern, distinct and authentic training services in all professional fields.

To raise performance in various training areas while developing and training human resources to increase their productive capacities and contribute to opening investment markets for individuals via training on management of small projects.


Our Objectives

  • Assist individuals in acquisition of new skills through providing programs and new training courses that develop their capabilities in line with advancement and development.
  • Sharing expertise with trainees on local and international levels.
  • Intertwining between academic and field dimensions of the trainees.
  • Development of studies and advanced scientific researches.